The Company She Keeps

ISBN: 978 1 906012 64 9
Two-colour printing, 120 pages, soft cover, 147 mm x 220 mm; edition of 1000.

Designed by An Endless Supply
using Bembo Book MT and Bery Roman,
printed on Munken Pure 100gsm
and Invercote G 240gsm
by Cassochrome, Belgium

In this book five conversations with friends explore working together, who and what they choose to spend their time with, and what this might mean. They discuss friendship as a form of solidarity, which may take place between people, but also with ideas, with books and other things both present and absent; a form of friendliness is charted both as a desirable set-up for working and as a dimension of production
—Celine Condorelli in conversation with Nick Aikens, Avery F. Gordon, Johan Frederik Hartle and Polly Staple.

Edited by Nick Aikens and Polly Staple
Copy editing and proofreading by Tim Clark and Gavin Everall

Co-published by
Book Works
Chisenhale Gallery
Van Abbemuseum

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