Alterity Display

Alterity Display was a framing device for a series of weekly interventions in the gallery space comprising exhibitions, screenings, performances and talks. The two-part structure alternates between stage and audience, de-doubling or piecing together theatrical functions. Each artist was free to use Alterity Display as a tool, to alter or adjust it, or to react against. Alterity Display temporarily disregarded traditional long-term exhibition strategies in favour of a ‘laboratory’ approach, and created a space for rehearsing aesthetic concepts in a variety of media. The project put to the test and shed light on staging and framing’s implied ethos of neutrality, contrasting economic efficiency with the absurdity of an accelerated, constantly changing display.

With Lali Chetwynd, Emanuel Danesch and David Rych, Lothar Götz, Sophie Newell, Seb Patane, Simon Popper, Giles Round, Haegue Yang.
Curated by Julia Höner and Pablo Bronstein.
Installation views: Lawrence O’Hana Gallery, London

Alterity Display
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