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Selected Texts on Céline Condorelli:

‘Playing the Forms of Knowledge’, Vincent Romagny, Artium (04/2023)
‘Work and Play’, George VasleyArt Monthly (07/2022)
Trabajar Cansa y descansar nos tiene agotados’, Javier MontesEl Pais
‘Artists occupy the space of social free time’, Céline Condorelli and Wendelien Van Oldenborgh in conversation with Aleksandra KedziorekNN6T (09/2021)
‘Céline Condorelli racconta Tools for Imagination’, Elena BordignonATP Diary (03/2021)
‘Power Play’, Shawn Adams, On Office (12/2020)
‘Céline Condorelli’, Guillaume LasserreZéroDeux (12/2020)
‘To structure, supportively’, Patrick D. Flores, Art Monthly Australia (2019)
‘Plants’, Patrick J. ReedArt Agenda (2019)
‘Conversation Piece’, interview with Manuel SegadeOncurating issue 36 (2018)
‘For all ages – The carousels of Céline Condorelli’, interview with Agnieszka GratzaMetropolis M (2017)
‘Any Form of Cultural Labor is Collective’, Tara McDowellMousse (2016)
‘Céline Condorelli: Permutations of the Prop’, Maeve Connolly,
Part 1The Exhibitionist (2016)
Part 2The Exhibitionist (2016)
‘You Display, I Display, We Display’, Céline Condorelli and Gavin WadeCURA. (2015)
‘Surrounded by the Uninhabitable’, interview with Vasif Kortun & Özge ErsoySALT online (2012)
‘Artist profile’, Contemporary Practices, Chris Wiley (2011)
‘Life Always Escapes’, Urban Miracles, catalogue, ed. Transparadiso, Remise Bludenz (2010)
‘Support Structure’, Nought to Sixty, Catalogue, ICA (2009)
‘Building Democracy’, Andrea Phillips, Reader for Sommerakademie 2009, Bern
‘Show & Tell’, in Hidden Curriculum, Casco Projects (2008)
‘I am a Curator’, interview with Per Huttner and Gavin Wade, Curating Critique, ed. Eigenheer, Richter & Drabble, Revolver (2007)
‘Theatre Pieces’, Catherine Wood, Tate Triennial 2006: New British Art, Tate Editions
‘Support Structure: Céline Condorelli and Gavin Wade’, Two minds: Art for Architecture, ed. Jes Fernie, Black Dog Publishing (2006)
‘Support Structure’, I am a Curator, Chisenhale Gallery (2005)

Selected Reviews/Press on Céline Condorelli:

All projects (except Support Structures, below):


‘Céline Condorelli: Pentimenti review – have a lie down in front of the cardinal’, Adrian Searle The Guardian (09/2023)


‘Céline Condorelli’, Chris SharrattSculpture Magazine (09/2022)
‘The hidden labor of exhibitions’, Anna SouterHyperallergic (09/2022)
‘Altering Conditions’, Sofia HallströmEmergentMag (09/2022)
‘After Work’Mousse Magazine (09/2022)
‘Céline Condorelli – interview’, Veronica SimpsonStudio International (08/2022)
‘Alternative Possibilities: Céline Condorelli’, Olga TarasovaTrebuchet (08/2022)
‘Tranquil Voyage’, Olga TarasovaTrebuchet (07/2022)
‘I focus on the work we think is invisible but that we entirely rely on’, Neil CooperThe List (07/2022)
‘A Lush World of shapeshifting spaces’, Ashley DaviesThe Sunday Times Scotland (06/2022)
‘From Industry to Art’, Arte TV (03/2022)
Our Silver City, 2094 Finds Hope in an Age of Climate Crisis’, Amrit DollArt Review (03/2022)
‘Looking backward from 2094’, Will JenningsThe Quietus (01/2022)

‘Céline Condorelli & June Crespo at Nogueras Blanchard’, Anna ManubeneArt Viewer (02/2021)
Céline Condorelli and Wendelien van Oldenborgh, Camila McHugh, ArtForum (10/2021)
‘Fire, flood and frozen goldfish’, Adrian SearleThe Guardian (11/2021)

‘Blank Characters: Elisions in Artistic Practice and Domestic Spaces’, Sean Canty, ACC Art Books (09/2020)
‘Italian Council ATP Diary‘, Simona SquadritoATP Diary (09/2020)

‘Céline Condorelli, Equipment at Significant Other, Vienna’, Max L. Feldman, ArtReview (09/19)
‘Céline Condorelli Kunsthal Aarhus / Denmark’Flash Art (06/19)
‘Te toca a tí’art agenda (01/19)

‘King’s Cross unveils new work by Céline Condorelli’artdaily (08/18)
‘Can the Return of Birmingham’s Eastside Projects Survive the Gentrification of the City’s Art Scene?’, Tom EmeryFrieze (07/18)
‘Looking Back, Seeing Through: Contemporary Australian Pavilions’, Susan Holden and Ashley PaineArchitecture AU (06/18)
‘Geometries Agricultural University/Athens’, Andrew SpyrouFlash Art (04/18)
‘Il ballo in maschera della Cina da spettacolo ai Frigoriferi’, Cristiana Campanini, La Repubblica (13/04/18)
‘The Szechwan Tale: Theatre and History. Il racconto di Marco Scotini’Hot Potatoes (01/18)
‘Object of the Month: Average Spatial Compositions’, Laura Broderick British Council (01/18)
‘P!CKER, PART II Céline Condorelli: Prologue’, Phoebe Cripps This is Tomorrow (01/18)

‘Utopian Display: Props & Tools FM Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea / Milano’, Vincenzo Di Rosa Flash Art (12/17)
‘For all ages. The carousels of Céline Condorelli’, Agnieszka Gratza MetropolisM (11/17)
‘Critic’s Guide: London’, Orit Gat Frieze (10/17)
‘London, CURATOR’s SERIES #10, Greater than the Sum by Kunsthalle Lissabon’, Edgar Schmitz, Kunstforum (08/17)
‘Postkort fra Lisboa’, Randi Grov Berger Kunstkritikk (07/17)
‘Céline Condorelli, P!, New York’, Sam Korman Flash Art (06/17)
‘Material Politics: Céline Condorelli’, Wes Hill Artlink (06/17)
‘New York City Roundup’, Orit Gat Art Agenda (05/17)
‘Printed Matters’, Anna Lisa Reynolds Grafik. (05/17)
‘Critic’s Guide’, Evan Moffitt Frieze (05/17)
‘Céline Condorelli’The New Yorker (05/17)
‘Critic’s Pick: Céline Condorelli’, Annie Godfrey LarmonArtforum (05/17)
‘P! Gallery hosts its final exhibition with artworks by Celine Condorelli’, William MenkingThe Architects Newspaper (05/17)
‘”Push Unusual Ideas Into the World”: Prem Krishnamurthy of P! and Chris Sharp of Lulu Discuss Their Hybrid Spaces’, Andrew RussethARTnews (05/17)

‘Best of 2016’, Christine Tohme Art Forum (12/16)
‘Support Structures’, Maria Lind ArtReview (12/16)
‘Review: 11th Gwangju Biennale’, Rachel Corbett, Blouin Artinfo (11/16)
‘Boundary Tension’, Mike Cooter, The Exhibitionist (07/16)
‘Liverpool Biennial’s Chinatown Episode’ The Double Negative (08/16)
‘Liverpool Biennial’, Jeremy Millar, Art Agenda (07/16)
‘Liverpool Biennial 2016’, Lorena Muñoz-Alonso artnet news (07/16)
‘20th Biennale of Sydney 2016: It’s Open’ 10 magazine (03/16)
‘Sydney Biennale review’, Andrew Frost The Guardian (03/16)
‘How Institutions Think’ by Max Andrews Frieze Blog (02/16)
‘Display Show’ by Machteld Leij Metropolis M (02/16)

‘Display Show, Temple Bar Gallery’, Rebecca O’Dwyer Frieze (10/15)
‘Insurgency and Circumspection’, Andrew Stefan Weiner Afterall (Issue 40, Autumn/Winter 2015)
‘Celine Condorelli, “bau bau”‘ Mousse (05/15)
‘Condorelli, Hangar Bicocca’ by B. Casavecchia, Frieze (04/15)
‘Context is Half the Work’, M. Scuderi, Arte e critica
‘Light Time Tales by Jonas & bau bau by Condorelli’, CURA. (01/15)
‘Celine Condorelli’, Ilaria Bombelli, Domus web eng it (01/15)
‘L’Hangar Bicocca fa bau bau’ (it), Ginevra Bria, Art Tribune (01/15)

‘The Structures of Support: Celine Condorelli’ Aesthetica Magazine (12/14)
‘Suoni, luci, video, installazioni’ (it), C. Campanini La Republicca Milano (12/14)
‘Celine Condorelli, la mostra Bau Bau in omaggio al Bauhaus: lavoro e cultura si incontrano nelle opere dell’artista’ (it) Micol Sarfatti Huffington Post (12/14)
‘Céline Condorelli at Chisenhale Gallery, London’, Caroline Douglas Contemporary Art Society (06/14)
‘Céline Condorelli at Chisenhale gallery’, Anna Tokareva, Frontier (05/14)
‘Picks: Celine Condorelli’, Andrew Witt, Artforum (05/14)
‘Celine Condorelli’, Kathryn Lloyd this is tomorrow (05/14)
‘United we stand: How galleries…’, Rachel Spence Financial Times (03/14)
‘Puppet Show’, Bob Gelsthorpe AN (04/14)
‘Castiglioni, l’architetto dell’anonimo’ (it), Cristina Zappa Alfabeta2 (04/14)
‘Defining Canada through art’, Maria Martinez, The Varsity (02/14)

‘Highlights 2013’, Declan Long Frieze blog (12/13)
‘Things That Go Without Saying’, Simon Bush-King, Frame online (06/13)
‘Things That Go Without Saying’, Filipa Ramos, Domus (04/13)
‘Disobedience Archive (The Republic)’, S. Frangi, Flash Art (06/13)
‘La primavera Araba e nata nei 70’, L. Cherubini, il Fatto Quotidiano (06/13)
‘Speciale: Arte e Disobbedienze’ Alfabeta 2 (06/13)
‘Disobedience Archive’, Jacqueline Ceresoli, Kritika online (06/13)
‘Archivio Della Disobbedienza’, Martina Angelotti, Domus (05/13)
‘Disobbedire a Rivoli’, Veronica Liotti, Artribune (05/13)
‘Disobbedienza’, M. Gandini, La Stampa (04/13)
‘Disobbedire è un’arte’, Silvia Simoncelli, Exibart (04/13)
‘The Invisible Hand, Pupaphobia and The Puppet State’, Wayne Burrows, Nottingham Visual Arts (04/13)
‘Puppet Show’, Beth Bramich, this is tomorrow (04/13)
‘Puppet Show’, The Guardian Guide (03/13)
‘Show of the week: Puppet Show’, Francesca Gavin, Dazeddigital (03/13)
‘Work in progress’, Kaelen Wilson-Goldie, Bidoun #28 (Spring 13)
‘On Rupture’, Kaelen Wilson-Goldie, Frieze 154 (04/13)
‘Revolutions’, Thierry Chancogne, Tombolo (02/13)
‘Céline Condorelli’, Chris Fite-Wassilak, Frieze (issue 152) (01/13)

‘Céline Condorelli’, Chris Townsend, Art Monthly (issue 362) (12/12)
Additionals, Pavilion, Leeds’, Alexander Taber Corridor 8 (11/12)
‘I Vespri’, Elvira Vannini, Alfabeta2 (09/12)
‘I Vespri – Civic Forum in 5 Acts’, Flash Art online (09/12)
‘Modica, due giorni da capitale dell’arte’, La Repubblica (08/12)
‘I Vespri’, La Sicilia (08/12)
‘The Archeological Imperative’, Suzy Hansen, Bidoun #26 (04/12)
‘Röd Tråd’, Dan Jonsson, Dagens Nyheter (04/12)
‘Social Fabric’, Frances Newman, Socialist Review (02/12)
‘Social Fabric: threads of colonialism laid bare’, Katherine Underwood, Hackney Citizen (02/12)
‘A woven history of the trade economy’, A. Gribber, New Statesman (01/12)
“There is nothing left”, Orlando Reade, Africa is a Country(03/12)

‘Remember the Time’, Kaelen Wilson-Goldie, Art Monthly (11/11)
‘Lezioni di futuro alla biennale Manifesta’ (it), Il Sole 24 Ore (10/11)
‘In Spain, Bifurcation at the Biennale’, The New York Times (10/11)
‘For the Birds’, Carole Baugh, a-n (10/11)
‘Curtain Show’, The Guardian Guide (03/11)
‘Underground challenge to history’, The National (01/11)
‘Alternative ways to archive cultural memory’, Jakarta Post (01/11)
‘Manifesta 8’, Tableau Fine Art Magazine (12/10)
‘Speak, Memory’, C-ARTS volume 17 (12/10)
‘Manifesta 8’, Maurizio Bortolotti, Domus (11/10)
‘Curtain Show’, Sam Thorne, Frieze (issue 132) (06/10)

‘Generosity is the new Political’, Andrew Hunt, Frieze (issue 125) (09/09)
‘Generosity is the new Political’, Olga Smith, a-n (11/09)
‘Turkey, US collaborate in NY art field’, Hurriyet Daily News (07/09)
‘This is the Gallery and the Gallery is Many Things’, Stuart Tait, a-n (11/08)
‘On Support, Céline Condorelli’ Paletten (12/08)
‘Music For Shopping Malls’ , Dan Fox, Frieze (issue 113) (03/08)
‘If the Route’, Dan Fox, Frieze , (issue 109) (09/07)

‘Did Someone Say Participate? An Atlas of Spatial Practice’ by Dominic Eichler, Frieze 102 (10/06) <ahref=”https:”” article=”” did-someone-say-participate-atlas-spatial-practice?language=”de””>
‘Tate Triennial’, Dan Fox, Frieze (issue 99) (05/06)
‘Walking & Talking’, Untitled, (06/05)
‘Alterity Display’, Display, recent installation photographs from London galleries and venues, edited by Pablo Lafuente, Rachmaninoff’s (05)</ahref=”https:>

‘Support Structure’, TANK magazine, (06/04)
‘Support Structure’, Contemporary (04/04)
‘I am a Curator’, Contemporary (03/04)
‘I am a Curator’, Art Monthly (03/04)
‘Walking One to Ten’, The Guardian Guide (04/00)
‘Walking One to Ten’, Time Out Art section (03/00)
‘Walking One to Ten’, The Evening Standard (03/00)
‘Just A Minute’, The Architect’s Journal (10/99)

On Support Structures:

‘Support Structures’, in The Last Magazine: New York, (fall issue) (08/10)
‘Céline Condorelli’, Markus Miessen, Kaleidoscope: The Italian Issue, (Summer 2010)
‘Summer Readings: On Failure’, Manuel Segade,CA2M: Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Madrid (2010)
Grafik design awards, (issue 186), The Winners, Support Structures (06/10)
‘Support Structures’, Quinn Latimer, Owen Hatherley and Jerome Boyd-Maunsell, Books, Critic’s choice, Frieze (issue 131) (05/10)
‘Celine Condorelli, Support Structures’ (FR), Gaétane Lamarche-Vadel, La Critique (04/10)
‘Icon’, Justin McGuirk, (issue 82) (04/10)
‘The Good Samaritan’, Shumon Basar, TANK magazine (03/10)
Grafik Magazine (issue 184) (03/10)
Bidoun: (issue 20), Bazaar, (04/10)
‘Support Structures’, Francis McKee, MAP-journeys in Contemporary Art (issue 21) (04/10)
‘Celine Condorelli, Support Structures’ (TUR), Pelin Tan, Betonart (04/10)
‘Top 10’, Jesko Fezer, Art Forum (02/10)
‘On Support Structures’ Nazli Gurlek, RES Art World / World Art (10-09)
Archiver (FR), Benoit Santiard (12/09)
‘A social philosophy of buttresses’, BLDGBLOG (11/09)
Where We Are Now: Speculating on Change, (issue 2) (09/09)

Selected Texts/Printed Matter by Céline Condorelli:

‘Travel Sculptures’, Bruno Munari: OBVIOUS CODE, The Serving Library (2019)
Céline Condorelli on Rita McBride’s Book Series ‘Ways’ Frieze (special issue 200) (01/19)
‘Up Close: Moving People, Changing Climate’ Art & Education (11/18)
‘Celine Condorelli and Defne Ayas in conversation’, Art In The Age Of Mechanical…, Defne Ayas, Natasha Hoare and Adam Kleinman (eds.), Witte de With Publishers (2015)
‘Life Always Escapes’, Future Light, Maria Lind, Vanessa Joan Müller, Martina Kandeler-Fritsch (eds.), Sternberg Press (2015)
‘Life in Fragments’, Frieze (issue 167) (11/14)
The Company She Keeps , Bookworks (2014)
‘Afterwards in the Refectory’, A School for Design Fiction, James Langdon, Spector books (2014)
‘The Company We Keep’, with Avery Gordon, in PERSONA magazine, ed. & pub. Melissa Gordon (2013)
‘Fragments For A Study On Display’, ed. A. K. Dolven, PAVILION, One Star Press (2013)
The Company We Keep, with Avery Gordon, part of How To Work Together Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (audio) (2013)
‘In Support’, Ahali: An Anthology for Setting a Setting, ed. Can Altay, Bedford Press (2013)
‘Too Close To See’, with Johan Hartle, Self Organised Subjects, Open editions (2013)
‘Friendship’, Reprint, Mousse (issue 32) (2012)
‘Display’, Abitare (2012)
‘Functional’, Community Without Propinquity, Milton Keynes Gallery (2012)
‘Two to Tango’, David Lamelas, Drawing Room Confessions, with Mousse (2011)
‘Speaking of Revolutions: Too early, Too late’, with Jean-Marie Straub, LUX online (2011)
‘Functional Configurations’, Manifesta Journal (issue 10) (Nov 2010)
‘Support Structures’, IN BOOK/OUT BOOK, ed. Emanuele De Donno, Viaindustriae & A+M (2010)
‘Common Talking’, with Public Works, Translocal Acts, AAA, Paris (2010)
‘Special Like That’, with Vasif Kortun, Hazavuzu, FRAC (2010)
‘Support Structures: Interview with Mark Cousins’, Céline Condorelli,
Afterall: (issue 24) (2010)
‘Life Always Escapes – II’, Common, ed. Fiona Woods (04/10)
‘Instance’, London +10, Ed. Carlos Villanueva Brand, Architectural Association (2010)
‘Talks on Public Art – Three Support Structures’, dérive
-Zeitschrift für Stadtforschung (issue 39) (2010)
Support Structures, Sternberg Press (2009) (21 x 14.8 cm, 438 pages, softcover, ISBN 978-1-933128-45-0)
‘Life Always Escapes’, e-flux journal (issue 10) (Nov 2009)
Support Structures, Temporary Urban Structures, Forlaget * (2009)
‘Walking in Silence’, in Between the Vanguard and the Peripheral, ed. Paula Orrel, Plymouth Art Centre (2009)
Strati, Hopfl, Monthoux and the Seventeenth Plan, with Henrik Schrat, One-Day-Comic EP9, Birmingham/Berlin (2008)
‘Support, participation, and relationships to equity’, with Eyal Weizman, The Violence of Participation, ed. Markus Miessen, Sternberg Press (2007)
In Support, /Seconds, ed. Peter Lewis, (issue 6) (2007)
Negociation Piece, /Seconds, ed. Peter Lewis, (issue 5) (2007)
‘You have a Future in Common Use’, STATIC (issue 4) (11/06)
‘Taxi_onomy’, Did someone say participate? ed. Shumon Bazar and
Markus Miessen, MIT Press (2006)
Pilot:1 & 2 catalogue and publication (2004 & 2005)
West-European Section, Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary Architecture, Phaidon (2004)
‘La Perte de Temps’, Sexy Machinery (03/02)
Landscape Politics, University of Edinburgh (2001)