White Gold  

White Gold,  Support Structure (Red)

White GoldSupport Structure (Red)

Support Structure (Yellow)  

White Gold
Support Structure, Red & Yellow


Materials: 100% cotton curtain, digital print 3,8 x 12m, & powder coated bolted steel structure, glass panels, dimensions variable

A large curtain wraps around and contains an archive displayed in a metal table structure. The archive contains material on the textile industry and displays fragments of colonial history, international trade, labour and militant politics, and with these the conditions of existence of the curtain. The latter was produced within the conditions opened up and portrayed in the archive material, and is printed with an image assemblage of Egyptian cotton fields circa 1930, after the Egyptian cotton industry boomed and the plant became known as ‘the white gold of Egypt’.

Commissioned for Social Fabric, Iniva (Jan-March 2012), London, an exhibition curated by Grant Watson.